Hi and welcome! I'm Elisabeth Manning.

We are very much alike you and I.

We’re both trying to create a life we love out of what we do, and one clue into whether we are on the right track is that we actually enjoy or feel empowered by how we are doing it!



What if I told you there are very powerful, joyful, low pressure ways you can help your body be ripe for fertility?

What if I told you that once you know where to look you can positively affect your fertility as well as ALL future creations?

How do I know this? Because I've seen so many of these miracles first hand by putting it into practice, and, I have experienced it myself.

I am here to tell you that you have more power than you think you do, and everything is connected. All we have to do is learn to connect the dots.

And you can, too.

How does it work?

Life wants to "glow and flow", but are we really feeling and experiencing our lives as glow-y and flow-y? We cannot give what we do not have. If you feel drained, droopy or exhausted, then it might be time instead to take a step back and regroup. Stop chasing your tail and give your body a chance to catch up.

In slowing down, something magical happens. Life happens. By taking inventory of our lives, we grow. When we remove what is in the way of a life that actually works for us, "life energy" is also restored.

(Disclaimer: This is not about doing more yoga or all the "right" things, nor is it a replacement for medical treatment. It is, however, about learning how powerful concepts like integrity and right living, power of intention, law of attraction, visualization and meditation can be for true self healing, and giving it an honest to goodness try.)

It is about taking the pressure off of needing to do it perfectly, trusting that something Bigger has your back. It is about being ok with where you are, knowing it is exactly where you are supposed to be. It is about healing that feeling of "not good enough" (which happens to "live" in your second chakra womb area) or being unexpressed in the world (also second chakra), feeling safe (root chakra), or unresolved conflicts including with your own parents - all of which when healed only make us better parents and people in the long run, anyway, so why the heck not!

Ladies, your fertility journey is a precious opportunity to make it one of sacred awakening.

It is a journey of the soul, plain and simple. This is my invitation, and apparently mother nature's as well or you wouldn't BE here. 

Your energy and spirit, MATTER.

What you decide to do at this point, could make all the difference.

Will it be lemons? Or lemonade?

                   Media image, courtesy inherimagephoto.com

                   Media image, courtesy inherimagephoto.com


Creator of Fertile Living and Conscious Conception, Elisabeth Manning is an evolutionary thought leader championing a "higher perspective on fertility" which cradles the notion that when we thrive in our own life first, life is more likely to thrive within us. Parenting and fertility are magnificently interwoven. It begins with the love life we create with ourselves and our life, starting now. Coach, speaker, author of her new book, The Sacred Life of Fertility, and her new group "baby mastery" program School of Life (SOL), Elisabeth teaches a sacred and mindful approach to fertility as a conscious path to parenthood. Not unsurprisingly, her research has also discovered it reverses infertility in the process. www.elisabethmanning.com

Her mantra: "Fertility reaches far beyond the quality of our eggs and into the quality of our life, preparing future parents to feel confident, ready for, and worthy of, tomorrow's child."

  • Mind-Body conscious creation expert since 2008 - led dozens if not hundreds of conscious creation, self healing and empowerment classes and interviews, worked with hundreds of women and couples to successfully conceive their babies as well as the life they dreamed of.

  • Featured speaker in several wellness summits next to inspiring speakers such as Marianne Williamson, Sonia Choquette, Alisa Vitti, Sarah HOlland, Bob Proctor, Andy Dooley, Bruce Lipton, and many more

  • Master certified spirit coach, 12+ years training in intuitive and healing energy therapy, ordained interfaith minister, Private college Psychology degree, passionate about manifestation and human potential anything

  • Author of her new book Sacred Life of Fertility: Conscious conception and the art of a fertile life to intentionally "call in" the soul that is meant for you

  • Graduate of Tony Robbins, Sonia Choquette, Marie Forleo, Selena Soo, Amy Porterfield, Shanda Sumpter Programs

  • Creator of the Conscious conception™ and Art of LIVF method™ - proven programs to enhancing natural or IVF results (since the odds are a 30% success rate when just focusing on the body - we can "help" it with a special methodology and support, called the Art of LIVF Method™) taking the focus from the body, to WHOLE person health

  • 7 out of 10 women conceive within the year who work with me and commit fully to the work

  • I teach that fertility is not just relegated to the body. It is a whole person, integrative approach that fosters self care, wisdom, integrity, and a well balanced "zen" approach to life. Through evidence based Epigenetics, this method influences the genetic imprint to shift at the levels of cellular and subconscious from "broken" toward whole. The body was designed for fertility. All we are doing is re-activating its potential using the mind body spirit relationship. and our relationship to nature itself.

  • I emphasize how we can use this "pregnant pause" to learn and take stock of what is and isn't working in our lives to "unkink the hose" and restore our positive life energy. This is what I call birthing ourselves, first. It can only improve our confidence in knowing - and choosing - who we aspire to be as parents.

How this work was conceived

This very special work was birthed from a deep calling in service to assist our humanity's evolution: Creating a better world for tomorrow's child starting with the parents, and seeing the fertility journey as an invitation to create a "higher humanity."

After all, we cannot give what we do not have.

Future generations are very special souls coming through with a clear mission, to reverse the damage being done here on our planet. It is very clear to Elisabeth that these souls are asking our parents to also awaken. In this sense, a fertility journey is very much a spiritual one ~ an opportunity to awaken to such a sacred and noble calling. We have discovered that when we return to the source of what makes a spirit ~ and life ~ thrive, the body also thrives, naturally reversing infertility in the process.

It is here that future parents and conscious conceivers alike can learn just how to do this.


Special Note from Elisabeth...

I have my own story as a young child growing up in a less than fortunate upbringing, but one that made me who I am today, doing the work I do today.

An oops at 19, my mother quickly married, then divorced my father when I was three, never to be seen again (other than a meeting at 16 when he asked for - and received - forgiveness, one of the most defining and healing moments of my life.) My mother raised me in a single parent alcoholic home, living on welfare and moving once a year to avoid creditors. I became the parent, doing the laundry, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, answering phones, and even staying home from school to keep my mother company or help her do housekeeping at the local motel in a small town in Montana.

I was taken away from her at age 13 because she was deemed an "unfit mother" and shortly after was put on probation when I got in trouble for stealing school supplies (since we couldn't afford them). It was then I got a glimpse of something beyond myself and my circumstances. The probation officer said to me in one of our meetings, "You are a good kid. You are better than this. You don't belong here." He saw me, beyond my actions and into my little soul. He instilled in me self esteem and confidence, something my mother tried to do, but because she couldn't give it to herself it was hard to trust. I never got into trouble again. (later I healed my relationship with my mother completely and we became extremely close until her death in 2014.)

Since that time I have learned and practiced, when others see the best in us, we rise to the occasion. And when we see the best in ourselves, life rises to meet and support us.

I understand all too well from a child’s viewpoint the desperation and powerlessness, fear and confusion of having a parent telling a child "you can do anything" but not seeing her own mother model a thriving happy life. Or hearing 'I love you' and not having a mother that can model self-love. Knowing beliefs like these are passed from generation to generation, I became determined to change this destructive pattern. Little did I know that she had to start at the level of conception, first, to tap into our truest and purest human potential. Starting with the parents.

You see, I don't teach parenting, nor the physical act of conception.

I teach about tapping into the Source that can fill you with life.

I teach self discovery, self love, and awakening.

But wait, isn't that what a good parent would want to pass on to her child?