Because life just gets better with a little Divine Magic.

While the world does its crazy thing, let's discover how to rise above it all. If you are hearing the call to develop, heal and co-create with your spiritual side, you are in the right place.

Free Emotional Healing Meditation Work With Me

If you are just beginning on this path of awakening or want tools to delve deeper and serve others, welcome.

Group Level Coaching

Be supported amongst your like-minded peers in a safe and nurtured environment.

One on One

You have the opportunity to receive one on one personal coaching in our live "hot-seat" sessions.

Self Paced Practice

Delve deeper into the pre-recorded modules and meditations at your own pace, on your own time.

Spark Your Magic into the World.


You deserve to be living the life your spirit wants for you.

But what if we are out of practice loving ourselves? Giving ourselves the space to birth our calling?

In a world where "doing" is more valued than "being", here you get to learn spiritual energy and mindset tools for how to be AT CAUSE and create the life that wants to be born through you. 


This world needs your light more than ever. Your soul has come here to mother - and birth - your heart's call into this world. Come make magic with us and see what is possible!


Overcome self sabotage, shame, blame and guilt. Learn to trust your intuition, body, life, and Universe again.

(AKA know your value and your worth, stop playing small, step into the light of your True self)


Get unstuck. Undo old programs. Make sacred boundaries. Clear lower frequencies, negative energy, and limitations on all levels, timelines, and dimensions. 

(AKA Open to your true power, knowing, radiant in the Light.)


Tap into the purest and highest levels of Divine Mother Goddess.

Increase intuition, healing power, vibration, and calm, nurturing essence. Co-Create with the Divine at new heights of what you originally thought possible. 

"This work changed my life! Because of unexplained issues I always had trouble feeling good in my skin. I struggled with feeling peaceful, positive and hopeful. Elisabeth showed me why I wasn't getting results, and she helped me see myself wholly and truly, in a loving way. I learned better techniques for manifesting too - which made me feel like I could do anything! I feel like for the first time ever I am able to intentionally create my dream life!""

Magic Maker

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