Are You Ready to Be Pregnant With Possibility?


WELCOME! You are here because you are on a sacred and important mission - one that will affect all of humanity.

You were given a precious life. What you do with this life, matters.

Maybe you are doing all the "right things" and find it isn't happening as easily as you thought, or you are simply called to be in touch with a more mindful approach to sparking your soul's purpose.


The soul and body must be in harmony for your BEST life to thrive.

This work was conceived because, as a Master Spirit coach and Manifestation expert I was seeing too many struggling women who felt disconnected, unworthy, or spread too thin to birth what was most precious to them. They were not living from their truest, authentic place and as a result, didn't have the spark to fan the flame of what wanted to be born.

You cannot give what you do not have, precious creator.


Elisabeth Manning is a champion for 'building better humans' by cultivating a fertile environment - inside and out - to conceive the best version of what wants to be born.

Spirit and Manifestation Coach, speaker, author of her new book, Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth teaches a soulful, intentional approach to fertility as a way of life and conscious path to parenthood. Not unsurprisingly, her research has found it can reverse infertility in the process.         

The magic is found in birthing yourself, first

It has been said, "is easier to raise a whole soul than to mend a broken one." But first, your own soul must be tended to, since what goes into you goes into the child.

Sometimes when you are asking more from life, life will first ask more from you.

In order for you to be able to receive, sustain, and even feel worthy of, what you are asking for, maybe you are being nudged to slow down, take a deeper look at where we might be limiting (or begrudging) the life that you were given, or where you might be held back, stuck, or stagnant (we call this "infertile energy".)

How and where you invest your energy, matters.

Energy creates energy and everything is connected. What we emotionally carry, our bodies and lives also reflect. If you have deep trauma still affecting you, "hate your life", in chronic stress, feel shut down, unworthy, unlovable, bitter, or broken, know this: This heaviness is not life-affirming and might be stunting your creations.

Manifesting is an inside job, no matter how much outside help you receive.

"Your Conscious Conception work is very important and much needed in the world at this time. It is a very valuable contribution to fertility as well as the future of humanity. Keep up the great work Elisabeth!"

- Dr. Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist and has done some groundbreaking Epigenetic research on the connection between beliefs and genetics. According to his findings, "parents act as genetic engineers for their (future) children in the months before conception." In other words, what is going on in the lives of mother and father during the critical time of 'genomic imprinting' (the time when sperm and egg are ripe and mature for conception) has a profound influence on the mind and the body of their child. (Bruce Lipton – The biology of belief pg 142)

As seen in...
honored to be an Assistant Producer with TED

honored to be an Assistant Producer with TED

   Quantum Conception secret:     Instead of waiting for your           baby to spark joy,        let the joy of living           "spark" your baby!
   Quantum Conception secret:
    Instead of waiting for your
          baby to spark joy,
       let the joy of living
          "spark" your baby!

Where there is peace, love and joy, there is LIFE

Who you are being on your journey now, determines the foundation for parenting. Can you see what amazing parent you would be if you made thriving in your own life your focus, first?

You are here for your baby, not the other way around. Can you see the value in "making sacred space" before your baby arrives? Can you see what goodness you can expect and what kind of soul you have the potential to attract? How blessed and lucky your child will be to inherit the BEST parts of you!

Happy mommies make happy babies.

Happy babies make happy mommies.


WHAT TO EXPECT (as you are expecting to expect!)

Fertile Living is an integrative fertility paradigm that encourages whole living: mind + body + emotions + spirit + environment for creating a life-affirming landscape ~ inside and out ~ for restoring nature's wisdom already inside you.

This fresh 'new life' paradigm teaches how to generate fertile energy - a creative life-giving intelligence that radiates and expands naturally when conditions are safe, favorable and life-affirming.

Conscious Conception is a simple and profound process for becoming that baby (or other precious creation) magnet, one that transforms you from caterpillar to butterfly. A proven success methodology based on the science of Epigenetics, Law of Attraction, and the Fertile Living paradigm, this spiritual approach to fertility reconnects you to a higher understanding of what it is to bring a child into this world from a more intentional, aligned, meaningful way.

In a nutshell, it is about becoming a life-affirming magnet for your baby: rather than forcing life into being, you are attracting it.

Merging light and life for a spiritual path to fertility

What if I told you that you can do something for yourself each and every day to spark positive life energy that no one but you needs to know about?

We often don't know what ingredient is missing from this baby cake until we know what to look for - and I can assure you, if you are meant to have a child, it absolutely can be found. Here is that special tried-and-true "fertile energy" recipe that might be the last piece of the puzzle for you!

Learn through the highly acclaimed Conscious Conception Method™ how your journey can be inspired and intentional, and become pregnant with possibility! Need private 1:1 coaching? Email us at for information or to consult with Elisabeth.

Miracles happen all the time, and you are next.