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“There is a light that shines beyond all things of the earth, beyond the highest,

the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart.”

~Chandogya Upanishad


If you don’t know how you got here, you are in the right place. Your spirit led you here for a reason.

I am Elisabeth Manning, a devoted, humbled, and grateful student of earth-school. I love exploring how we can use the time we have been given in ways that truly bring out our best. I am fascinated by how we as humans create (or counter create- even destruction is a creation). I love to explore why some people heal, and why others do not, and reaching beyond what we are experiencing to understand our true agreements and what we are here to learn at the soul level.

To have a life we love we must first love the life we have. Wholeness, peace, and harmony of this earth depends on our own. Are you, like so many, often in a place where you are working hard for what is hardly working?

The mind-body-spirit connection is a very powerful force and when we are synched up with the most loving Force of creation, anything becomes possible. I think we spend way too much time focusing on what is broken instead of our Wholeness. What we focus on, grows, and the grass is always greener…where we water it.

Are you frustrated with how this world is and want to find peace in the chaos? Do you want to be a student of earth-school too and create the life you love (and that loves you back)? Do you want a more meaningful connection with others, life, yourself or God? Do you want to heal at the DNA level? Are you ready to birth something big but don’t know what that is or how to manifest it? (Well you can relax because you really aren’t the one doing the manifesting.) You are a field of infinite potential. As you P.artner with your H.uman D.ivine self, you are literally getting your PhD in this blessed human experience called life.

From this place, all your needs are met, and in the most surprising, synchronized and magical of ways.

From this place, life flows, in spite of what you are doing or not doing. You are simply the door. The vessel.

From this place, you can transform and heal “blocks” and issues on all levels, even cellular.

“The perfect outcome is already chosen and is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.” If this statement resonates with you and gives you “God bumps” then this work is right for you. Join us! Come home to yourself and explore, inspire and expand into your limitless Divine nature with me and a group of like-minded conscious creators. You will learn to meditate, pray, and practical, simple tools to tap into a fertile world within that will set you free and enable you to create the life that wants to be born. We even get to have a little fun journeying together in this adventure called Life.

Here’s to you. Wonderful, Crazy Amazing, Miraculous… YOU.

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"Elisabeth’s work has helped me see infertility as a spiritual journey to become a better version of myself."
"Elisabeth instinctively seems to know where each individual is in terms of their abilities and needs."
"I have no words to describe the shift. I AM gratitude! You have lead me to a place I never want to leave!"
Katherine K.

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