You are here because you are a Light Birther.™

If you knew the magnitude of the blessing coming to you, you would understand the depth of your struggle. What if you were being prepared for something more incredible than you could ever imagine? Would you show up differently in your life?

We are here to discover the true energy and spirit of life itself.

If you are asking more from life, you can bet life will be asking more of you. (Think DNA upgrade via spiritual makeover.) Fertility is not just about the body. It is a way of life. It is not just about a baby, it is about all creations.

We are here to bridge science, spirit and a thriving, whole fertile environment in all areas to birth what we love.

It is a way of living a life worthy of your creations so you have the capacity to receive them, celebrate them and honor them in the way they deserve. It is a way to prepare you and make room for birthing your best. It is at the level of spirit and soul, that your DNA potential is most potently and effectively activated to see positive results, saving you money, effort, anguish, and time.

The moment you say "YES to life" through the unique and effective method Elisabeth teaches, a powerful shift starts happening.

Our mission is to understand the mind-body connection as we co-create what wants to be born.

It is easier to raise a whole person than to heal a broken one. 

All who want to birth their potential are welcome, whether a baby or your best life. It is all connected.

You will know if you are called to a higher mission, to intentionally elevate and literally pass on the best version of yourself.

Let's create a higher humanity together. Our planet is counting on us. On you.