Welcome, Conscious Conceiver.

You are here because you know deep down you were meant to birth great things. You are the creator of worlds. The good news is, it is not about what you are DOING as much as it is about Who You Are Being that can open up worlds for you!

Fertility is not just about the body. (For something as vast, mysterious and mystical as the creation of life, this concept would be much too limiting!) Here, fertility is about the quality of our life more than the quality of our eggs, knowing that the life-affirming energy we generate for ourselves now, will go directly into our children. Life begets life. Energy creates energy.

How and where you invest yours, matters greatly.


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Fertile Living is a fresh new "Smart Fertility" paradigm that addresses the whole person (mind + body + emotions + spirit). It embraces fertility as a positive way of life and a conscious path to parenthood. It is a restorative philosophy that encourages clean, simple, right living to foster alignment with nature's wisdom already found in your body.

Conscious Conception is a proven success methodology based on the science of Epigenetics, helping reconnect you to a higher, more sacred knowledge of what it is to create life in an aligned, intentional and meaningful way. Here you rewire and activate your DNA potential in a way that transforms your "infertile" self on many levels, positively affecting all areas of your life, and calling in that very special soul. (Yes, they choose you!)


"Your Conscious Conception work is very important and much needed in the world at this time. It is a very valuable contribution to fertility as well as the future of humanity. Keep up the great work Elisabeth!"

- Dr. Bruce Lipton



 We often don't know what ingredient is missing from this baby cake until we know what to look for - and I can assure you it is only going to be found at the level of energy. Here is that special tried-and-true "fertile energy" recipe that might be the last piece of the puzzle for you.

Who wouldn't want to pass on their very BEST to their children, anyway?

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