Are You Doing All of the Right Things While Trying to Conceive and Nothing is Working?

I was talking to a client yesterday and it made me wonder if you might be hitting this too. She said, “I am doing ALL the “right” things. What is going on?”  Does that feel familiar at all? So I listened to her list of to-do’s and got exhausted just hearing it. I challenged her why she thinks these are the “right” things. “How do you really know what that is?”  “Because that is what everyone says I should do.”  

She was doing these “right things” but she felt completely powerless. 

She then went on to tell me she hated her job, wasn’t over her last miscarriage, and had a deep resentment of having to eat healthier. And, her yoga class felt like work. Oh dear. So I told her, “Life can only flow if it is allowed to flow. How we think about our situation will be a clue into how we are holding our energy.” Next I asked her, “Do you feel “safe”? She burst into tears, “no, I haven’t felt safe in a long time!”  

Ladies, the body is not going to conceive if it is always thinking it is running from a bear. Life cannot flow where there is resistance. Our hose gets all kinked up and yet so much of it we do have control over to change it. That is the really good news. 

Here are “Two simple MUSTS” I want you to consider that could potentially make all the difference for your fertile energy on a daily basis: 

#1 Stop pushing yourself so hard.  
#2 Stop running from a bear.  

Mother nature and spirit are SO much more powerful than all of this. They also have a much more gentler and enjoyable way of amplifying your fertility. But by first doing these two things, you have a MUCH HIGHER chance for success which also ends up being the BEST thing for baby in the long run: a happy mommy

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You don't need to go it alone this year, sweet one. Join us and let's play together!

About Elisabeth Manning

Author, speaker, and international Master Certified Spirit Coach, Elisabeth Manning is a new thought leader in the realm of fertility. Her unique background and training empowers parents-to-be and practitioners alike to activate and awaken our true innate fertile potential.

Elisabeth's teachings are based on aligning with nature, spirit and life itself to reverse infertility and birth our true potential; cradling the notion that when we thrive within our own life, life is more likely to thrive within us. Her mantra: "We are connected to all things, and we are much, much more than a body. We were designed to create. When we remove what is in our way, life can flow effortlessly, regardless of the creation."