Congratulations! You are All Set, Baby!




2017 Sonoma Fertility Retreat

Your Journey Begins Now. 

I am so excited you are joining us and cannot wait to meet you and have all you special souls in one nature-filled supportive gathering place!

A little housekeeping: 


Flying in will ideally be to Sonoma or SFO airports. Transport can either be renting a car and driving up or taking the Airport Express from SFO to Petaluma Fairgrounds and taking a cab (or Uber) from there to Westerbeke Ranch (about 20 mins). If you fly directly into Sonoma Airport you can rent a car or take a cab directly from there to Westerbeke (about 35 minutes) Here is a link for more transport information:


We will be in touch by email starting in March to let you know about the group coaching (if you signed up for the bonus) but either way I will be in touch to support you and help you set intention for your journey so you get that much more out of your retreat experience. I will also be linking you with a Dropbox folder so you have access to some fun


material items to get you started right away!


1) Your Intention: Be thinking about why you are attending this retreat and what you know you need to receive at this point to bring “new life” to your journey. Journal about this, and send it to me at so I can hold this specific clear space just for you. The earlier you do this the stronger your intention can grow.

2) Your Baby Story: Write me your story and email it to me at I want to know who you are and what your story is that is leading you to this very special place in your life.

3) Actionable Step at Home: Create Your Sacred Baby Space: Be thinking about where you might create a physical Sacred Baby Altar in your home or office, where you can place all your precious letters, prayers, imagery and objects pertaining to your deepest desires of what you are calling into your life. This is a physical "home" that symbolically holds the energy of what you intend to call in, and where deep healing can have a place to be "held" by unseen forces at work on your behalf. 

Suggestions: Include something living, like a plant or flowers, kept fresh all the time, so you have "fresh new life" in there. You could "map it out" with a feng sui vision board layout (google it) I highly recommend a candle to represent your soul's spark and any "new life" that you are calling forth. This includes baby but can also include a healed relationship, abundance in all its many forms, physical health, anything that needs illumination or spiritual light. Objects (crystals, singing bowls, sage, pictures, feathers, etc) that speak to you that are connected to who you are and what you are creating are all invited!

You can also create a separate altar for past miscarriages, abortions or any loss that you feel you need to heal or release that you may further open your heart and womb to receive life again. This is very important work.

4) Create a Pinterest Vision Board and call it "My Unicorn Baby Project" (so I can find you!) for your own 'sacred manifesting corner' in the digital world. Collect information, inspiration and happy imagery for your fertility journey. Think of it as your very own digital vision board for calling in your baby! 

If you have any questions at this point please don’t hesitate to contact me at 

Life is already filling you in new ways, now. Our work is to allow and align with them. Congratulations for taking such a beautiful and bold step in your journey. I know it wasn't easy for most of you to break away but I am so glad you are giving this to yourself!

In the joy and spirit of creation! Love, e