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"Your Conscious Conception work is very important and much needed in the world at this time. It is a very valuable contribution to fertility as well as the future of humanity. Keep up the great work Elisabeth!"

- Dr. Bruce Lipton

I've really enjoyed and valued her instruction. I had been feeling fairly low before I listened but since hearing her words (and journaling as I listened) I have been left feeling lighter and more committed to looking deeper into my life.

I often feel like I am a very slow learner to life's lessons but Elisabeth's words have been really good for me today. I have realised that I am learning and I am beginning to truly listen to what life has to say to me.

JO, London UK

"ELISABETH MANNING HAS A REMARKABLE GIFT OF AWAKENING THE SOUL AND CATALYZING EXTRAORDINARY HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION. Her work is really for birthing our potential regardless of what it is. It is simultaneously deeply precise and expansive, held in a field of vibrant luminous love that embraces your very essence. After working with Elisabeth, I experienced immediate transformations in specific familial relationship dynamics that I had been working on for some time. Pain and misunderstanding were transformed into deep empathy joy, levity and love which has sustained. Elisabeth's work is seemingly gentle but in truth is a Revolution of the Soul. Highly recommended!”




Words cannot begin to describe what this Angel of a woman has done for me throughout my fertility journey. First and foremost she helped me to recognize that this "obstacle" was really and truly an opportunity for me to step back, be still, and evaluate all of the elements in my life that may have been contributing to my inability to conceive. I realized it was SO much more than a physical thing. She helped bring me to whole other level of consciousness, to make space for my baby, to learn to stop doing and start being,  to master the art of joyful surrender, and lastly to truly and genuinely TRUST the inner workings of the masterful divine force that guides us all. After a massive cantaloupe size tumor, an ectopic pregnancy, 3 emergency surgeries to follow due to the complications thereof, 4 years of trying, 2 failed IVF cycles, many pushed cycles, a year of bacterial infections, a miscarriage on Christmas Eve, and heartache beyond belief, I was finally able to conceive. I am currently 5 months pregnant  with twins, 1 boy and 1 girl!! This dream come true could not have been possible with out the incredible innovative insight, guidance, love and support of Elisabeth Manning....Thank You, dear Angel!!

Christine Perrin-Stocco

Dolphin Films - Head of International Sales and Distribution, Miami Beach, FL


A very sincere, deep, heartfelt thank you for the beautiful shift your work has brought about in me.  You really have led me to a new and better place within and it is definitely changing what is outside too.  You must hear often that people can't really describe how things have changed or why.  I certainly feel that since being part of the SOL a deep seated sense of trust has emerged which I wasn't at all in touch with before.  I'm much more in touch with my spirit life now which is amazing.  You supported me beautifully through the void which of course I now see was just a part of the journey but at the time was very painful and uncomfortable. I have a clear feeling of my work not being done with you. I want to come back to you for past life work and other joys. With love,

Harriet, Natal Hypnotherapist, UK


"Dearest Elisabeth, firstly thank you so much for putting together THE most magical and life affirming fertility summit. Your energy, beliefs and your interactions with the speakers was truly amazing. I have therefore purchased the interviews so I have them on tap whenever I feel myself in need of a boost. I now want to try BabySpirit; I have been trying to conceive for 4 years as a single woman using donor sperm from a close friend...I would dearly love some insights from the spirit realm plus your intuitive knowing as to what to try. I just can't give up. With love and blessings,"



“The BabySpirit meditation group with Elisabeth continues to be a very special experience for me. At first I was a little apprehensive due to my lack of experience in the area of meditation and I thought that perhaps I would not ‘get it’. Elisabeth is so naturally intuitive that she instinctively seems to know where each individual is in terms of their abilities and needs. Although the meditation is carried out in a group setting –with both pregnant couples and fertility couples combined–, Elisabeth still manages to read the individual needs of each person so it seems at times that it is almost a personally guided meditation.

This baby meditation experience, which I have continued to return to on a regular basis, is incredibly relaxing, uplifting and de-stressing. I really enjoy the connection I make with my little one each time I go and I have the sense of him as a real person even though I have not yet met him!

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.”

(Within a year of this testimonial Leisha gave birth to her little boy).

LEISHA, Dublin Ireland 


“Elisabeth! I don’t know how you know things, but I am so deeply amazed! Thank you so much – for being in my life and showing me what you have to offer. I am 12 weeks pregnant and feel like a new person!”



“Elisabeth, I LOVE this work so much I look forward to it every week! I have never had this much confidence or sense of purpose. I cannot tell you what a relief I feel inside. Thanks!”



It’s been awhile now and I’ve been meaning to write and share my wonderful news. I’m pregnant!

If you ever have any clients who have struck out with western medicine and need to hear that it can be done another way, feel free to have them give me a call. After 4 failed attempts at IVF and getting “kicked out” of my fertility clinic unless I agreed to donor eggs, attending your seminar gave me hope when it seemed there was none left. Thank you for giving me faith at one of the lowest points in my life. I am so grateful to you!”

JANINE, Oakland CA


“Aside from feeling alive and in the moment, the Conscious Conception Coaching has resulted with many “synchronicities.” I have come to call them “little miracles”…I remind my husband of our more recent “miracle”, and he being a non believer, still can’t believe our good luck. There have been many coincidences; I started a new job that pays more, and pays for my commute-by-train fee (saving the wear and tear on my car, and now I fill up every 3 weeks!) This intention and Law of Attraction business really works. I am not a fertility or pregnancy client, just someone who wants to understand how to create a better life. And I am doing it.

I am very excited and can’t wait for more “miracles!” Thank You Elisabeth!”

NANCY, Palo Alto CA


“Besides learning to reduce stress and find my center more consistently, there is no way I could have had a natural childbirth without having the discipline of the energy work and meditations you taught me when I was working with you to conceive my son (and later, daughter); it allowed me to stay grounded and connected to my center and it reduced the pain. And not only that, you being there to hold space for the sacredness only added to our experience, thank you!”

GEORGETTE, Orcas Island Washington

                                                                BABYSPIRIT MEDITATION: MY DAUGHTER IS WAITING FOR ME

After facing rejection once, 15 years ago, my not-yet-conceived daughter is waiting patiently until I am sure I’m ready for her. Every day I think about her thick brown curls (mine) and her big brown eyes (her father’s), it brings me closer to being emotionally, physically and financially ready to invite her into this world.

Thank you, Elisabeth, for the opportunity to tap into this knowledge, whether it comes from God, the Universe or within myself.

This may sound crazy to those who are not open to the metaphysical plane. I wasn’t sure what to make of it myself when, in spring 2009, Elisabeth told me I would be pregnant within the calendar year. She was right. By December, I announced the pregnancy, still new, to my family.

Sadly, no embryo developed. Recalling our conversation and Elisabeth’s coaching services, I emailed her to schedule a BabySpirit meditation and find out what went wrong.

My First BabySpirit Meditation

During the meditation, Elisabeth instructed us to ask if the child had been with us before. The little girl answered yes and very matter of factly (not accusing) said, “You sent me back. The time wasn’t right.” This is absolutely true, although I prefer not to divulge details.

Prior to my recent miscarriage, she decided I still wasn’t ready and was afraid of joining me because she was afraid I would reject her again. (I never would at this point in my life!) She’s determined to be my little girl, but she didn’t want to go through THAT again.

This is going to be a theme in this little girl’s life; love, attention, affection and KNOWING she is WANTED will be very important. She will take rejection very personally unless we instill in her, from conception and perhaps before, just HOW MUCH we want her.

In order to have this child, I have to make it very clear that I have the time for her, that she will be the center of my world and the center of her sister’s world, too. My 18-month-old daughter will be very nurturing (almost like a “second mother/protector”) to this child, showing her she’s wanted and significant.

Money isn’t important to this child…she’d rather wear secondhand clothes and have my time than to have me working. I felt such strong love I cried during the meditation. For her to have these feelings, not once, but twice, of being unwanted, is just awful for anybody to go through. It makes me more driven to give her the best of everything, including myself!

My Second BabySpirit Meditation

I attended a second meditation in February. It gave me even more information since I knew what to expect and how to focus my mind to tap into my daughter-to-be’s energy. During the the BabySpirit meditation, Elisabeth suggests you ask your unborn child to give you a “sign” that lets you know she (or he) is nearby.

My daughter-to-be sent me images of yellow stars and blue hearts. “It’s the Lucky Charms leprechaun!” I joked. Then I realized she picked child-like symbols that I would encounter while playing with my daughter–my older daughter–her big sister.

I’ve noticed the symbols often and they make me smile, knowing my baby is patiently waiting.

More Signs from the Subconscious

Yesterday, something happened that people might chalk up to coincide. Because I believe we create every moment of our lives, and that I create every moment with intention, I don’t believe in coincidences.

During my anembryonic pregnancy this winter, Michael Buble’s song “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” made me think of my baby-to-be. I remember singing it loudly in the car and it became “our song.” Little did I know that it would be even longer than 40 weeks before I would meet my baby-to-be. How long? I still don’t know. But it’s getting closer.

Yesterday, while shopping for clothes for Ashley, the song came over the store music system. Just then, I passed a shirt in Ashley’s size that read “Big Sister.” It was adorned with yellow stars and — yes — blue hearts.

DAWN, Chicago Ill.


“I am 40 years old and have been on the journey of conceiving my first child for 2 years. (For any of you who have been “trying” you know the ups and downs that go with that.)

Through this work I have regained a sense of calm in the mist of what can be an incredibly stressful time. I experience a renewed certainty and trust that I will conceive, but more importantly a deeper connection to who I am as a woman, partner and mother.

Working with Elisabeth has been a rich and deep experience, I feel supported, cared for and challenged to be the best I can for our coming child. Thank you Elisabeth!”



“I can’t thank you enough Elisabeth, for opening me up to this new world. I feel free and light, I have let go of so much. I know I can handle anything now. I have the tools to become present, to intend, to create, and to bless my life. I know who I am. I was led to you, I know that now. You really have a gift to help others open to the divinity in them, thank you, it is a precious gift to me.

MARIA, Milan Italy


“We just finished the call and I had to share my amazing experience… It’s still very hard for me to trust myself and to know that what I’m feeling is coming from the Universe and not my own wishful thinking… I read tarot and sometimes have the same doubts as I can influence the cards I draw and pick the ones I *want* if my mind is not completely clear.

Your meditation almost seemed tailor-made. There were times I swore you were reading my mind as far as talking about making “time” for the child.

When you asked, “Ask the child if it’s been with you before…” the little girl answered yes and very matter of factly (not accusing) said, “You sent me back. The time wasn’t right.” She was talking about my abortion that I had as a teenager and we did some healing around that in the meditation, something I deeply needed.

Prior to my recent miscarriage, she considered coming again, but never actually made it. She decided I still wasn’t ready and (while I NEVER would have done this) she was afraid of joining me because she was afraid I would reject her, physically, again. Although she’s determined to be my little girl, she didn’t want to go through THAT again.

What she showed me in the meditation was that this will be the theme in this future little girl’s life: love, attention, affection and KNOWING she is WANTED will be very important. She will take rejection very personally unless we instill in her, from conception, just HOW MUCH we want her.

Thank you for helping me take the time to connect and receive all of this and to make space for my baby!

DAWN, Los Angeles, CA