Focus on healing with the Source of what can bring you life, rather than managing "trying," overwhelm and fertility stress - and watch miracles sparkle and shine through you.

BabySpirit is a meditation journey of the soul, designed for creating a fertile environment and calling in what wants to be born on ALL levels and in all areas. This spiritual energy class was created to empower and infuse the 'creator within', and to expand the focus beyond baby into "higher and lighter" reaches of the sacredness of life itself, to become the ideal aligned 'vessel for life.'

It is not about baby.

This one, is about YOU.

When YOU are bright, your life force is too.

When you let go of what weighs you down, you spark something very powerful within you.

The relaxation response can emerge stronger than ever, which is the only place where the body can reset and renew itself. This meditation is perfect for those who need to reduce stress, want to align with a "higher way", take a break from being overwhelmed with the baby focus but still want to be in fertile self care, learn energy and meditation tools for conscious co-creation, or just to learn to "be" and receive healing. (It also works well into pregnancy to prepare for healing fears of birth and beyond!)

For those to need to let go a bit, surrender a bit, relax a bit, get inspired again, connect to themselves and higher guidance, and receive alot of gentle healing, inspiration and spiritual gems. Join us here:

What people are saying...

I just did your baby spirit meditation 🧘‍♀️ the vision of my baby came very easily. My grandmother is holding him for me. I received the message that I need to trust myself and my body to carry this baby. I need to have faith and trust myself in every other aspect of my life too. Thanks Elizabeth for you lovely calm voice in the lonely crazy place we go in this journey! -E


“The BabySpirit meditation group with Elisabeth continues to be a very special experience for me. At first I was a little apprehensive due to my lack of experience in the area of meditation and I thought that perhaps I would not ‘get it’. Elisabeth is so naturally intuitive that she instinctively seems to know where each individual is in terms of their abilities and needs. Although the meditation is carried out in a group setting –with both pregnant couples and fertility couples combined–, Elisabeth still manages to read the individual needs of each person so it seems at times that it is almost a personally guided meditation.

This baby meditation experience, which I have continued to return to on a regular basis, is incredibly relaxing, uplifting and de-stressing. I really enjoy the connection I make with my little one each time I go and I have the sense of him as a real person even though I have not yet met him!I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.” -L.

(Within a year of this testimonial she gave birth to her little boy).


“Wow Elisabeth, I just listened to the meditation. That was amazing on so many levels. It felt truly sacred and just felt it connected me to the divine womb - creative spirit. I am not sure if I felt a child's spirit or the spirit of an old woman but I really enjoyed mingling with her. At times I still feel a resistance when I am not sure if it is literally a baby for me. But I am trying to let go of that attachment and be open to what comes. I know that is my deeper work, and I am so glad I get to practice it here. For sure, this whole process has been a real purification and raising of self consciousness for me. Thank you, thank you for making this available. -A. 


I feel like you and your work has lead me to a magical glittery place that would have taken me so much longer to unfold on my own.  Me and my babies thank you for following your heart with such passion and vibrancy! -S.


I just felt so grateful I really felt like I let go, and I felt God's love.  I had given it to God, another thing I longed for and magically what my spirit baby needed from me (it was the card I had drawn on my retreat with you, Let Go) Speaking of, it has been about one year since I found you, I cant believe it, it feels like I traveled emotionally and spiritually 10 years since we started together. I can't even show you how much gratitude I have for that, but I hope you know! -N.


Elisabeth!!!  i am speechless , short of words.. I never thought and knew the depths of my emotions and would have never figured out the meaning of these signs .. when I took a deep dive in the drop of my ocean . But your healing voice held my hand and soul and guided me through to bring my emotions to the surface and release the negative thoughts I had bottled inside for years.. i was captive of my own sorrows... thanks would be an insufficient word to express my gratitude.. god will bless you abundantly for the work you are doing.. I will continue the meditations further. -S.