Welcome, Unicorn-in-training. 
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Everything you need to create the life you love is within you.

Everyone goes through difficult times of loss, regret and betrayal, especially with the self. Over time this accumulates if we do not learn to let go and refresh our ability to be fully present in the Now. Unburdening what weighs you down or holds you into the past is the first step on the road to higher vibrational, more fertile ground of positive expectations and pregnant possibility. 

Sometimes what we need is to release our burdens enough to see our vision clearly and with compassion.

We cannot open to "the Ocean within our drop" unless we let go of some of the heaviness weighing us down and blocking our value, our worthiness, our soul. Feel light again and set yourself free in this guided healing visualization meditation. 

It is my great joy to offer you this FREE gift to help you connect with your soul and your life from a higher perspective and with guided support - to let go and find peace.

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Coach, teacher, speaker and author of her upcoming book, Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth Manning is a human potential coach with a passion for creating a fertile life to birth our potential. She is a master certified Spirit coach and trained intuitive who helps her clients get in touch with the "ocean within their drop" for accessing their inner unicorn through self healing, awareness, alignment, ease of creation, and higher purpose in life. www.elisabethmanning.com