Spark the life within you.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, mentor and expert on Epigenetics and renowned cell biologist says our thoughts are directly tied to physical health, and there are clear and proven ways to heal yourself literally at the cellular level.

And when it comes to fertility, this means you can heal your trauma and the negative imprints in your DNA that you potentially could be passing on to your children.

This conscious conception work shows you a powerful mind-body-spirit approach to success and so much MORE. You become "filled with life" in a new way, connected to your own soul and spirit to tap into the expansive, mysterious place of Divine manifestation and miracles.


I have been teaching energy therapy to IVF clients (Spark LIVF™) for over ten years to protect their high risk investment - more than doubling their chance for pregnancy success.


What your Doctor wasn't trained for that can increase your success

I have some great news that even your doctor doesn't know about, because doctors are trained (and understandably so) to only tend to the physical container called the body:

You have 75% untapped fertile potential within you. 

We can all agree that humans are comprised of 4 Key Aspects: Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. Each one making up 25% of the whole.

If doctors only treat 25% of you (called the body) what of the remaining 75%?

The Mind + Spirit + Emotions are your "untapped power" and a perfect secret weapon for improving fertility if you know how to "work it."

You may not be in control of when or even how your baby comes, but you CAN control the 75% of you that is housed in the body and powerfully influences it.

Maybe it is time to lighten the load to what you have been carrying all these years, and give your body a fighting chance. Maybe mother nature is asking you to step it up, so you can offer the very best of your DNA "download" to your child.

Maybe the very future of humanity depends on how we are mindfully choosing to bring our children through, able to achieve tremendous success by birthing ourselves, first. Perhaps we are simply returning to how we were designed to procreate in the first place, for survival of our species.

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When we thrive, our children thrive.


WHAT TO EXPECT (while you expect to expect)


Private Premium 1:1 and Group Coaching Programs Available - please email for availability or inquiry.

Private programs require a three month minimum commitment for optimal success, meeting for 90 mins every other week for integration.

For IVF clinics: Private retainer is available for clinics who want to provide a service to their patients that ensures empowerment and enhances success rates. Join any time, leave any time. Please email for more information.

Fertile Living is an integrative, functional, whole life paradigm that moves from surviving to thriving in all areas: mind + body + emotions + spirit + environment for creating a life-affirming landscape ~ inside and out ~ for restoring nature's wisdom already inside you. With this foundation it is possible to birth your true potential, whether it is through creating a baby, a business, or a life you want to thrive in: it is all possible for you, and you are much more powerful than you think you are.

Sometimes what we are needing is a little "life spark" help.

This fresh 'new life' paradigm teaches how to generate this life spark, (or fertile energy) - to access and activate the creative Divine life-giving intelligence within you that radiates and expands naturally when conditions are safe, favorable and life-affirming. You have heard that the universe conspires with those who truly say YES. Well it does, and I can show you what you really need to tap into, and how to attract good things into your life once you understand the "fundamental fertile principles". Once you learn them, you will never have to learn anything new; they can be applied to all your creations so you have the oomph and energy to birth your dreams. All of them.

But it does take commitment to your higher self.

it is simple, but it may not be easy.

Until you turn that corner,

and everything eventually connects,

and it all becomes quite magical.

And it will be well worth it. I promise you this.


Conscious Conception is a simple and profound intentional baby making method beyond what you traditionally have been taught. It applies the fertile living paradigm to baby-making for becoming aligned with your body, self, partner and baby as well as your overall relationship with your life. It is a method of positive psychology, energy therapy and working at the subconscious levels to release hidden blocks to transform you from caterpillar to butterfly.

A proven success methodology based on the science of Epigenetics, Law of Attraction, and the Fertile Living paradigm, this spiritual and energetic, mindful awareness approach to fertility reconnects you to a higher understanding of what it is to bring a child into this world from a more intentional, aligned, meaningful way. This process not only awakens dormant forces already present within you but it also prepares you for birth and parenthood, offering empowerment and life skills that serve and reach far beyond conception.

IVF Empowerment: Introducing the Spark LIVF™ Methodology for clinics and patients alike - combining the process of IVF and the "Life Spark" Method (formerly Fertile Energy), so as to reduce stress, teach meditation and self calming techniques and enrich the spiritual connection with the baby as this "unnatural" but often necessary form of conception takes place. You cannot plant a seed in soil that is not in harmony with that seed. It is critical for the parents to be as involved with love and presence as possible, rather than stress and worry. This method shifts the focus from scared, to sacred, and empowers parents to achieve a higher success rate than the traditional 30%.

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Who this work is for:

  • For those who want a genuine understanding of how to create their best life in ALL areas, not just a baby.

  • For those who feel ready to grow,, and awaken,

  • For those who have an interest in healing their blocks to creating the life that is meant for them, and want to offer their best to their child.

  • For those who take responsibility for their power, and lack of.

  • For those who are ready to learn how to manifest great things, and who are ready to be worthy of them.

  • For those who understand and see themselves as a creator, and a Divine spirit living in a physical reality.

  • For those who are ready to see their light.


NOT for those who:

butterfly white.jpg
  • are afraid to take certain steps to grow so can't show up,

  • want a quick fix

  • only want their baby but not interested in doing the work to access their own truth, light and power

  • want someone else to do it for them

  • don't want to create stretch marks in their spirits as well as their bellies.

  • Don't want to step into the fullness of their life.