The Energy of Fertility

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it also takes a village to raise up their mothers.

We are mothers all, whether we have a baby, or not.

Whether our babies are books, works of art, empires, or little humans, We are all bringing something magical within us out into the light, bringing it to life, giving it our love, our everything. We are nurturing a part of us - something beautiful and lasting that we love - into this physical reality.

And it takes a village. To raise one another up, helping eachother be seen, heard, appreciated, supported, so we can bring our most precious expressions of ourselves into being. If we feel powerless in creating what we love in general, start HERE: Let's make sure we love our world we are bringing it into, first.

Because life goes where love flows, perhaps it is time to transmute what makes you scared, into what makes you sacred.


Every thought you think, is energy. Every feeling you feel, is energy. This energy carries power. It carries the potential of miracles within it, when you know how to channel this energy properly.

Thoughts can be life-affirming, or they can destroy. Feelings and actions can bring the same. This energy, when thought strongly, becomes our reality. The question becomes, how can you tie this into your fertility journey in a way that can illuminate and empower your path?  


If your answer is no, then start there first, and work your way into the awareness that each moment has within it the opportunity to be... better. Better in this sense means, "more life-affirming." Not in the sense of achievement, but in the sense of quality. The more present and available you become to connecting with what lifts you up and affirms YOU, the stronger you become in yourself. Life-affirming choices create life-affirming realities. 

What feels life-affirming to one may be different to another. So we start with where we are, and we get honest. We feel our feelings, and we stop denying ourselves the right to be happy, free, and full of potential. We bend with the wind, and we ground ourselves in the Mother earth, and we become willing to have our branches pruned for the sake of new growth once the darkness of winter breaks into new light. And, we listen. The next right action will come when we listen.



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