Divinely Perfect Mess: How the Struggle Leads to Alignment with Ease and Flow

Does it frustrate you to hear sometimes that "when you align with the Universe things start to flow with ease?" I've been guilty of saying that too. But let me preface this by saying it first starts with a struggle - and yes, it's frustrating, confusing, uncomfortable and downright messy. And, it is *through* this very struggle that we come into alignment with the universe. Its not meant to be easy - at least not at first. It's also not meant to be a punishment. It's meant to rebirth you. (That's why I often call this journey "an initiation" - You are literally experiencing a spiritual form of birth.

You are also going to a new gym trying on a new machine developing a new muscle. This struggle is you pushing through your limiting beliefs and other blocks to stay the course. Wow. Keep going! Struggle *leads* to flow. It *leads* to alignment. It leads to ease, *because* you've worked so hard along the way to develop a greater capacity for holding more. (Talk about parenting preparation.)

Big goals mean big challenges. Big challenges force us to EVOLVE.

So it's OK to struggle. It doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. It actually means you are an incredible "fertile alignment" athlete, training for the ultimate sacred marathon, with each day fighting for her rightful place, growing more and more determined, balanced, in touch, receptive, confident and psyched to cross that finish line.

Elisabeth Manning

Elisabeth Manning is an advocate for a “higher humanity” by creating a fertile environment in all areas of life to birth the best version of ourselves. Coach, speaker, author of her new book, Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth teaches about birthing the light within, including mindful fertility, a positive and conscious conception method as a path to ‘calling in’ the life that is aligned for us. IVF energy coach, spiritual fertility, and energy for fertility are also part of the method. Not unsurprisingly, her research has found it can spark miracles in the process! www.elisabethmanning.com