Fertility LOVES the Body and Soul Living in Harmony

Just wrote this in my private FB group for today's Lemons to Lemonade Q&A: "Fertility is really about life's potential and therefore is our clue - and invitation - to look for directly to the quality of our own life for subtle but ever "uggh" ways we have been held back or stuck: Where we perhaps have had no voice, haven't felt safe, or true, or free, or just "off" for too long. This affects our body greatly, and the soul MUST be in harmony for life to thrive. Doctors cannot possibly know to teach this, but think about what occurs when we plant a seed in unprepared soil. We are more than a body, we have mental, emotional and spiritual soil as well. When we thrive, then so do our bodies. Heal the issues that block our well being, and we see miracles. Join our Private FB group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/consciousconception/

Elisabeth Manning

Elisabeth Manning is an advocate for a “higher humanity” by creating a fertile environment in all areas of life to birth the best version of ourselves. Coach, speaker, author of her new book, Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth teaches about birthing the light within, including mindful fertility, a positive and conscious conception method as a path to ‘calling in’ the life that is aligned for us. IVF energy coach, spiritual fertility, and energy for fertility are also part of the method. Not unsurprisingly, her research has found it can spark miracles in the process! www.elisabethmanning.com