Celebrating Fertility as a Way of Life

Ladies, if it takes a village to raise a child then it also takes a village to raise UP their mothers. We are mothers all, whether we have the physical baby or not. Whether our babies are books, businesses, or little humans, we are all bringing something magical within us out into the light; bringing it to life, nurturing something beautiful we love into this world. We are a village, helping each other be lifted and empowered, to bring our most precious extensions of ourselves into being. If we feel powerless in creating our actual baby, start here: Let's make our own worlds beautiful first.

YOU are sacred. Your life is sacred. It is time to honor this life we have been given in a new way.

Every thought you think is energy. Is it positive and life affirming or is it negative and destructive? This energy, when thought strongly, becomes words. Then our words, turn into actions. Is who you are being now, supporting where you want to be?

We are hear to learn to move from being scared, to being sacred.

What is your favorite mantra or quote or note of inspiration that helps YOU move out of fear and into peace? Find one that works for you as a whole body YES. Since our emotional, mental and spiritual fertility is such a powerful influence on this journey, let's start getting on board with ourselves, shall we?

How and where you invest your energy, matters. YOU matter.

Energy creates more of the same, similar energy. Everything is connected. What we emotionally carry, our bodies also carry. If you have deep trauma still affecting you, "hate your life", in chronic stress, feel shut down, unworthy, unlovable, bitter, or broken, know this: You are hurting yourself.

Don't wait for your baby to make your life better. Start now. The energy you put forth in this endeavor will open new doors within you.

Fertility is an inside job, no matter how much outside help you receive.

What you are about to experience is considered a fine tuning or an “upgrade” to birth your creations through a very special form of personal development. You are here to maximize mind/body relationship, connection, power, and alignment with the quality of the life that truly wants to be born through you.

After all, fertility is really about fullness of life, isn’t it?

Elisabeth Manning

Elisabeth Manning is an advocate for a “higher humanity” by creating a fertile environment in all areas of life to birth the best version of ourselves. Coach, speaker, author of her new book, Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth teaches about birthing the light within, including mindful fertility, a positive and conscious conception method as a path to ‘calling in’ the life that is aligned for us. IVF energy coach, spiritual fertility, and energy for fertility are also part of the method. Not unsurprisingly, her research has found it can spark miracles in the process! www.elisabethmanning.com