What Your Doctor Doesn't Know that Can Enhance Fertility

We can all agree that medical technology can be very helpful in creating little miracles. Thank goodness for the doctors who are trained to help the physical body for those who truly do need it.

I have been teaching energy therapy to IVF clients for over ten years to protect their high risk investment - more than doubling their chance for pregnancy success. Most of my clients end up getting pregnant naturally prior to embarking on IVF, or in between cycles, and I almost discovered it by accident.

What your Doctor wasn't trained for that can increase your success

I have some great news that even your doctor doesn't know about, because doctors are trained (and understandably so) to only tend to the physical container called the body.

AND HERE IT IS: We can all agree that humans are comprised of 4 Key Aspects: Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. Each one making up 25% of the whole. If doctors only treat 25% of you called the body (interesting that IVF "success" rates average 25%) -

Then what of the remaining 75% of you?

The Mind + Spirit + Emotions are your "untapped 75%" and a powerful secret weapon for improving fertility if you know how to "work it."

You may not be in control of when or even how your baby comes, but you CAN control the 75% of you that is housed in the body and powerfully influences it.

Maybe it is time to lighten the load to what you have been carrying all these years, and give your body a fighting chance. Maybe mother nature is asking you to step it up, so you can offer the very best of your DNA "download" to your child.

Maybe the very future of humanity depends on how we are mindfully choosing to bring our children through, able to achieve tremendous success by birthing ourselves, first.

Perhaps we are simply returning to how we were designed to procreate in the first place, for survival of our species?

What is it worth to you to know and understand the very essence of manifestation, meditation and miracles so you can apply these powerful "Quantum Conception" tools to birth your most precious creations?

Elisabeth Manning

Elisabeth Manning is an advocate for a “higher humanity” by creating a fertile environment in all areas of life to birth the best version of ourselves. Coach, speaker, author of her new book, Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth teaches about birthing the light within, including mindful fertility, a positive and conscious conception method as a path to ‘calling in’ the life that is aligned for us. IVF energy coach, spiritual fertility, and energy for fertility are also part of the method. Not unsurprisingly, her research has found it can spark miracles in the process! www.elisabethmanning.com