What people are saying...

“The BabySpirit meditation group with Elisabeth continues to be a very special experience for me. At first I was a little apprehensive due to my lack of experience in the area of meditation and I thought that perhaps I would not ‘get it’. Elisabeth is so naturally intuitive that she instinctively seems to know where each individual is in terms of their abilities and needs. Although the meditation is carried out in a group setting –with both pregnant couples and fertility couples combined–, Elisabeth still manages to read the individual needs of each person so it seems at times that it is almost a personally guided meditation.
This baby meditation experience, which I have continued to return to on a regular basis, is incredibly relaxing, uplifting and de-stressing. I really enjoy the connection I make with my little one each time I go and I have the sense of him as a real person even though I have not yet met him!I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.”
(Within a year of this testimonial Leisha gave birth to her little boy).
LEISHA, Dublin Ireland