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Dear Elisabeth!

You obviously don't know me, but I had the honour of getting to know you about a year ago, through several interviews and your book. You have made a huge impact on my life and my fertility journey. In fact, you made me realise how important it is to look inward and to trust the power of my mind. When I started to work on the mental blocks and opening up my mind, I left no stone unturned. And soon I could feel a little baby growing inside me, our little miracle!

Exactly two weeks ago, our baby boy was born as an angel. He was only sent to us for eight months - eight amazingly beautiful months in my belly. And while the pain and longing I feel is almost unbearable at times, I would never change the moments I shared with him for anything else. Maybe one day I will find out why he had to go so soon...

Today I did your Babyspirit meditation and it brought me to a space I have never been before. I am not new to meditation, but the state I reached today was something completely different! I felt a bright light going through my body, and filling up my belly. I could almost feel it expand! I felt so light, floating somewhere in space. And I felt my baby boy hold my hand and then let it go, to give space to his little sister. I knew then that things will turn out to be ok. ♡

Sorry for the long email. :) I just wanted to thank you for the work you do. It has had an impact on me on so many levels, even though we've never met in person. Who knows, maybe on day we will.

Warmest Regards